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Types and Selection of Microphones

        Microphones that microphone, also known as "microphone", the main types of microphones are capacitive and electric two. Capacitive microphones are also available for condenser microphones and electret condenser microphones. Capacitive microphone is characterized by high sensitivity, with a very wide frequency band, non-linear harmonic distortion is small, the maximum sound pressure level higher characteristics. The disadvantage is poor mechanical strength performance, poor moisture resistance, the need for polarization voltage, the use of more trouble. Electric microphone and moving coil, belt and other structures. The characteristics of the electric microphone is: the use of reliable and convenient, no external power supply, good mechanical properties, long life, cheap, the disadvantage is slightly lower sensitivity, frequency response is poor. If the microphone head to install radio reception, hair device, it became a wireless microphone. Flexible and easy to use when moving, but vulnerable to interference, in the indoor use will encounter "dead zone" caused by failure. The selection of the microphone according to the use of the environment and the characteristics of the source to decide.
        In the room for language recording, the general selection of moving coil microphone, because the language of the narrow band, the use of moving coil microphone to avoid unnecessary noise. For music recording, you have to choose a good performance of the condenser microphone to meet the wide band, big dynamic, high fidelity needs. If the ambient noise is large, you can use the ultra-pointing microphone to increase the selectivity. When using the microphone, pay attention to the distance with the sound source to maintain about 0.3 meters to prevent distortion, but close to the microphone exception. Motion recording, use a wireless microphone.
        Use a wireless microphone, pay attention to prevent interference and "dead zone" encounter this situation, you can change the radio frequency and adjust the receiver, the antenna to solve.
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