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Music requires ultra treble and subwoofer

        Music contains a complete aesthetic process is a very strong subjective factors of mental activity, its value is to give people a sense of beauty.Although listening to music because of personal cultural quality , Artistic accomplishment and living environment, but the composer in the music works left a large number of art blanks to the conductor, the player and even listeners to fill. To understand the resulting impulse and emotional The art form of resonance music is dependent on the music itself.
       The sound of the instrument is composed of the pitch plus the overtone, and the overtone is the musical term. The actual occurrence only takes place on some higher octave. The sound of the different instruments is different from the intensity of the instrument. Most of the energy of the instrument is concentrated in the IF only a handful of instruments can be extended to the ends of the audible frequency.For example, the pitch frequency is 45Hz. The bass and bass are 40Hz, the piano is 27Hz, the highest vertical The sound is 15kHz the violin and the cello is 16kHz, the flute is 17kHz. Piccolo and the cymbals are 18kHz and the piano and the oboe of the overtone are particularly large, but missing the ingredients above 20kHz. Sounds will make people feel the sound is not vivid. We can see the real high amount of music playback on the audio equipment requirements is very high even hundreds of thousands, or even millions of audio systems are often not a good performance of music, emotional exchange. Most of the reasons for the system overcurrent performance is poor, bass dive and treble extension is not enough. Generally speaking, the sound system to put the treble is not easy to put the bass more difficult, so the real feeling always feel enough.
       The highest frequency that the human ear can hear directly from the beginning of the 5 kHz is 20 kHz, but the human brain responds to higher frequencies of sound waves up to 80 kHz. Since the treble overtone in the music is much higher than the treble sound waves If the speaker's treble is not enough to reproduce the great damage to the music, but the ordinary speaker's treble performance and can not be satisfactory, so in order to have the ability to reproduce the ultra-treble. It is necessary to add a subwoofer. The ultra-tweeters have a very important role in improving the quality of sound playback, especially in the expansion of the sound field and the performance of the overtone, and even the roughness of the bass and bass can improve. Help to enhance the people in the music to get the fun.For the horn speakers and coaxial speakers, because of their relatively high frequency radiation directivity, the addition of ultra-high-pitched speakers to improve the overall performance is more obvious.
        In order to keep the basic tone of the original speaker from change, the subwoofer's entry point frequency is generally selected at 18kHz, 20kHz or 22kHz. It is only used as a tweet and is not too much to overlap with the original speaker. Adjust the sensitivity of the speaker, remember that it can not be too prominent its sound and overwhelming. It should be feeling the effect of ultra-high sound, but do not feel the existence of ultra-high speaker. That is, the ultra-high speaker is not stressed. "Treble but" extended "treble.
        Bass is less than 300Hz sound signal. Less than 150Hz when the person's body will react. General music rarely contains a direct large signal bass. The ear can hear the lowest sound is 20Hz, the general speaker can be real Hear the replay bass. The bookshelf speakers are only 60Hz - 70Hz. Large speakers around 50Hz, the lower the frequency due to the sharp decline in output sound pressure level. Basically can not hear. Usually said that the bass is only 100Hz-200Hz sound, only to hear the bass of the overtone, 80Hz hereinafter referred to as subwoofer. Because the music is less than 30Hz in the amount of information is very small, some people think that subwoofer does not affect the sound quality, but this is not absolutely correct, because the composition of the music base of the bass is the subwoofer, the lack of subwoofer will make The reproduction is not natural and the degree of authenticity is reduced.
         Home sound system In most cases, the bass playback will be subject to three factors: ① general speaker volume by size restrictions; ② speaker bass playback of the maximum sound pressure level by the unit stroke limit, especially the closed box; Ear hearing threshold at 20Hz when the minimum sound pressure level is 70dB, that is, 20Hz sound needs more than 70dB sound level. Ear can hear.
         In view of the above reasons, the general speaker can not be a good playback of 50Hz below the bass, regardless of playing classical music or popular music. Will make people feel less sense of bass instrument, in order to get a balanced playback of sound, subwoofer is necessary, It will add a realistic atmosphere to the sound. Make people more relaxed and happy. So it's worth it to add a subwoofer to your sound system. Of course, music appreciation with the subwoofer, cheap ordinary AV type can not meet the requirements. Must choose a small distortion, high resolution high-quality products.
        Subwoofer cut-in frequency optional 80Hz, so that it is only a subwoofer supplement. And the original speaker overlap frequency is not too much damage balance. Adjust the subwoofer does not make it prominent, it should feel the effect of subwoofer, but can not feel the existence of subwoofer, so as to achieve the balance of sound. At this time the bass closer to the original sound, can give people a sense of reality. It should be noted that 80Hz below the subwoofer actually does not work on the image positioning.As long as the placement of a subwoofer can be. Of course, with the subwoofer playback. Listen to the room may be standing wave problem, in order to reduce the impact of standing waves. Subwoofer placement, should try to avoid the center line, in different locations on the audition and then selected.
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