The company was established in 2003,the building area of more than 3000 square meters,mainly engaged in the designfdevelopment,produciton,sales in the integration of enterprise.Specializing in the prducution of mixer,power amplifier,peripheral equipment sound equipment. The company has strong technical force,with many years production experience,the collection of foreign advanced production technology and testing technology.At the same time to provide customers with tailor -made OEM service.
      The company marketing at home and abroad markets,after ten years of hard work,finally have a place in the audio industry,set up the high quality acoustic positioning.Our company have such achievements,first of all to thank the domestic and international professional audio world many expert senior,long time gives us the r&d team to encourage and support,continuous contribution to use experience and spur,let the company makes the most perfect products.At the asme time through all around in the general agent to promote the company have the opporunity to various large concert, professional stage and so on strut your stuff,as many singer fondle admiringly products.
      In the face of the fierce market competition,the company always adhere to the   "take the letter as this "  “quality first" credit first principle.We sincerely to provide customers with quality products and services.
      Warmly welcome customers from home and abroad!
      Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad visit the guide.

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